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Success of Chandrayaan-3

India creates History / Chandrayaan-3​

There was a time when India started ISRO with only one cycle but now India becomes first country to land on moon’s South Pole and becomes forth country to achieve a soft landing on the moon!

Launch of Chandrayaan-3: –

Chandrayan-3 was launched in Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC) in Sriharikota on July 14, 2023, at 2:35 pm.

Date and time of landing: –

August 2023 was the day when Chandrayan-3 landed softly on moon and 6:04 PM was the time when India created History.

About Chandrayaan-3: –

But some people do not know about what is Chandrayaan-3. Let us give you some important details about this mission. Chandrayaan-3 is India’s third lunar exploration mission aimed at furthering our understanding of the moon and its resources. One of the primary objectives of Chandrayan-3 is to conduct detailed studies of the lunar surface and its mineral composition.

The mission includes a lander, rover, and orbiter, which will work together to gather crucial data about the moon’s geology, topography, and the presence of water ice.

Cost of Chandrayaan-3:

Chandrayaan-3 is cheapest successful moon mission so far, Which only costs 615 crores rupees. This is much cheaper than some Hollywood movies. This mission shows the brilliance and intelligence of our Indian scientists.

Features: –

The six payloads of Vikram lander and Pragyan rover are as like Chandrayaan-2.

Scientific payloads on the lander aim to study various aspects of the lunar environment.

Changes and improvement in Chandrayaan-3: –

Landing area has been extended, providing flexibility to land safely.

The Chandrayaan-3 has solar planes on four sides, instead only two sides on Chandrayan-2.

Chandrayaan-3 can carry more fuel then Chandrayaan-3.

Importance of landing near south pole of moon: –

Historically, spacecraft missions to the Moon have primarily targeted the equatorial region due to its favourable terrain and operating conditions.

  • However, the lunar south pole presents a vastly different and more challenging terrain compared to the equatorial region.
Why ISRO wants to explore the Moon’s south pole?

For water resources: –

Scientists believes that south pole have water molecules in good amount.

Global Collaborations: –

NASA-ISRO successfully confirmed that south pole has presence of water. LUPEX aims to send lander and rover on moon’s south pole around 2024.

Technological Advancements: –

By undertaking mission to this area. ISRO can develop resources utilization and long-term operations.

What is India’s Other Chandrayaan Missions?

Chandrayaan-1: –

It was ISRO’s first lunar mission held in 2008.

Chandrayaan-2: –

It was ISRO’s second lunar and safely landing mission held in 2019.

 Safely landed moon missions: –

So far only four mission are successful to land safely on moon and these are: –

  1. Apollo of NASA (USA) in 1966 with cost of 17249CR rupees.
  2. LUNA-25 of Roscomos (Russia) in 1966 with cost of 1650CR rupees.
  3. Chang’s 3 of CNSA (China) in 2013 with cost of 2476CR rupees.
  4. Chandrayan-3 of ISRO (India) in 2023 with cost of 615CR rupees.

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